Moroccan Kaftan

Fashion says ‘me too’, style says ‘only me’. Style is an absolute way of expressing one’s inner self with extreme individuality! 

Fashion is intermittent, while style veils persistence!

Remember the images in the mind when you think of the historians like Babar, Akbar, Humayun etc. The picture that flicks in front of the eyes is the men, clothed in long robe or tunic like attire, reaching till the ankles. These lengthy wraps were always worn with dignity for a very long time. They are known as “Kaftans”. It can be made of wool, cotton, cashmere or silk.

The Kaftan has different significance on the basis of different geographical locations and different culture. At some places, it is worn as a light weighted, loose fitting garment, while at the others, it is cladded to symbolize dignity!

Kaftans were first worn by Ottoman sultans of the Ottoman Empire. This dress is mainly present in Morocco, which was earlier worn by male judges and then succeeded to women in the list. In the earlier times, the decorations, including the colors, patterns, ribbons, and buttons, indicated the rank of the person to whom they were presented. From the 14th century through 17th century, textiles with large patterns were used to design these.

 Today the term Kaftan is only used to describe women dressed in a Kaftan. Men dress in Djellabas in North Africa. Kaftans were worn in many different places like Russia, Persia, West Africa and even in England. They are the most popular in Morocco.

Despite its roots being from the golden period, it still holds the same significance, it always had. Nowadays, Kaftans are worn by many different women all around the globe. This dress is more than 16 centuries old in the world, but still has a huge market.

When the Royal Highness Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco stepped out in an elegant Kaftan during the king Willem-Alexander’s investiture in 2013, Hello! magazine readers voted her outfit as their favorite!

The dress smells of elegance in fashion. The attire is so beautifully woven that it leaves the public around it, mesmerized every time.

 The fashion designers are working really hard to come out with more and more of the varieties of this ravishing piece of art, to quench the thirst of its demand in the market. The kaftans are even sold online today on many of the shopping websites too!

Kaftan is a true style of nobility, paired with fashion! This dress is truly a masterpiece as it still entices the market. With modernity, there has always been a loss of many historic assets, memories and dresses, yet, Kaftan still roots its strong existence from the time it was first woven and is still going strong!

Even with the different varieties of dresses in the fashion industry today, this little source of rush has always stood out of the main stream!

” In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.”  And Kaftan proofs to be a true example of this statement.

 Kaftans are widely a part of latest trend in eastern and western countries.  With advancement of time and arrival of new styles, modifications are also seen in Stylish Kaftans. With ever changing fashion trends a huge change is seen in length, styles and cuts of Kaftans.

So, what are you waiting for ladies! go grab a kaftan today and flaunt it with utmost charm!!Who knew the attire of the Mughal’s time would leave such a grave impact even today in the fashion industry! The true style which has always lived!

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